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My wife and I have always been close and it shows. For my birthday she wanted to know what I would like and said I could ask anything I like.

I told her that my birthday I wanted her to flash her boobs at a bar and let a guy we met on the internet take naked pictures of her, and then let me post them on the internet.

She had been wild from the time we started dating. But after having kids she became shy and self concious. She would be embarrassed if her baggy shorts showed half her thighs etc. She was totally uncomfortable with this. But after I insisted that she was hot and that many would find her attractive she reluctantly agreed.

She had more fun then she would ever have guessed doing it. The bar flash worked out great. It was a quick one and after she wanted to go home and have sex.

Getting a guy online was a bit different though. We couldn't rush that. We both looked through the ads and found one who seemed nice and lived less than 5 miles away. On the night of she shaved her pussy bare which she hadn't done in awhile. She was anxious and couldn't believe she was doing this. When he came in the door he was polite and she was waiting naked on the bed. She blushed a quick hi and he began right away. I could tell that she was so tense but also loving it. After a few minutes of this I asked him if he'd like to fondle her breasts. She looked ta me wide eyed but didn't protest. He sat bside her and fondled them as she just laughed. He left after that and I jumped on her only to find the bed soaked. It was one of the wildest nights we've had in years.

We are now more madly in love. More so then ever in our lives. And shooting and posting her pictures are a key part of this.

I would easily recommending this as marriage therapy whether you marriage is in trouble or not! But for us, what started as a birthday present turned into something that she/ we love. We included a few that the guy took and several of her (on her insistence) before her mommy days. Let us know your thoughts.

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