Wife Danced at Bachelor Party

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Wife Danced at Bachelor Party



Thanks for all the feedback. Its been fun hearing from all of you. Here's some pics you've requested. Not quite the anal everyone was hoping for, maybe next post ;-)

I wanted to share a story that was quite exciting for both me and Roy. A couple years back my hubby went to a bachelor party for his friend. Naturally, they went to a strip club. I get a call later that night to go pick up my hubby. I get ready and leave the house. My hubby calls me back and tells me that his friend's private dance at the club sucked and I had to do a strip tease for him when I got there. Thinking he was joking I laugh it off and continue my drive.

I got to the friends house and sure enough, there was my Hubby, his friend and two other guys waiting and expecting a strip tease. I finally agreed and they turned on the music. I started to dance and slowly started stripping. I crawled onto the friend's lap and continued the dance there. This was really exciting for me because I had had a crush on this guy all through high school. He was enjoying it very much, grabbing my ass and begging me to take his dick out. Hubby was watching and enjoying every minute of it.

Once I finished he walked hubby and I out to the car, he got one last grab of my ass before he got married. This was the first time we had ever done anything crazy like this! We both really enjoyed it and I made like $100 for twenty minutes of dancing!

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