Naked College Girl


Naked College Girl



What a great website to find! Fits perfectly into the lifestyle I enjoy. Mainly, flashing and having sex where you have the possibility of getting caught. Sex in public places is fantastic. My boyfriend and I do it on a regular basis. At the beach the movies, when camping and in resturants where we can. We love to go to the beach on the full moon and park with the back of the suv facing the beach with the back open. We have been caught having oral sex and me being fingered by people walking by. If we see someone walking by or watching we always have to tell each other. We also love the occasional drive-in summer movies where we always count at least 10 or 11 or more couples doing it. We also like to put on a show when we go camping at night. We don't put the rain fly on the tent an of course leave a small light on in the tent which dosen't leave anything to the imagination. If there is a light that will filter in from outside we also leave the doors open so we can be seen. The thought of the possibility of getting caught is a great turn on and always gets us going. Doing it where you KNOW you will probably get caught is a much greater turn on. But doing where you know you will in FACT get caught is the greatist turn on. It's also the hardest to attempt.

We started looking around online to see if there were others like us and after finding this site we know that we are FAR from alone. So hot to see so many women and couples doing what we love to do and to also know that there are many people who give feedback and support to those who do. We'd love the same. We also want to have others join us for some flashing fun so tell us what state you are in and who knows? We also put up ads online to find singles and couples to share in our fun.

Thanks for reading.

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