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This is my wife N. This all started because of a New Year Eve's party we had at a friend's house who was just divorced. My wife wore the dress you in her pics, black heels, black thigh high nylons attached to a black garter belt and black lace panties. No bra. We were the first to arrive and I wanted to take advantage of it. I immediately told him that she was wearing a garter belt and nylons and asked her to show him and she did. It got us all going and the next guests arrived right after.

We had a good time dancing and drinking that night. Towards the end of the party, we were standing by the kitchen. My wife was standing in front of me and my friend was facing us. I held my wife's dress hem and slowly began to raise it up discreetly. She protested a bit, but I tried again. I was able to get it up high enough to show him the top of her nylons without the others noticing. Only one other couple stayed that night. They were drunk and my friend suggested they sleep in his bed. We ended up on the sofa bed with our friend, since he had no other bed to sleep on. My wife borrowed a t shirt and we all headed for bed. We tried to go asleep, but I think we were thinking about the possibilities. I scooted back pushing her closer to him. It seemed that we never slept.

I was getting hornier and decided to make a move. I started to kiss her and fondled her tits under her shirt. She went along and I knew we were going to have some fun. I pulled off her t shirt and licked her nipples while my hand went inside her panties. I fingered her wet pussy for awhile. Well I knew she was hot and wet I asked her if she wanted to have some fun. She said she was a bit scared, but did not say no. I turned her around and pushed her towards him. They started to make out. They hugged and kissed before he moved down to lick her nipples. He didn't stop there and went down further. He laid down between her legs and began to lick her pussy. I moved up and stradled her chest. She began to suck my cock while he worked on her clit. I didn't last long (I wonder why) and came on her tits. I laid down next to her and watched as he continued to work on her pussy. I felt her body tighten and knew she was coming on his face. He came up and they faced each other again. She took his cock and stroked him off. It stopped there abruptly and she fell asleep. The next morning we had to leave early and never said anything about it to him which was fine. But it did get us to where we are now which is flirting online and discussing what we can do with others or in public. If anyone has any suggestions we'd love to hear them.

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