Wife Good at Giving HandJobs


Wife Good at Giving HandJobs



We're Glen and Sienna and we're here to show her off and tell you about how hot she is. Although she is good at everything, it's handjobs that is her specialty.

The best handjob she gave me: we took an overnight flight to London with a small travel group, and on the way to the hotel in a minibus, I fell asleep, only to wake up halfway there with an erection so hard it hurt, which my eagle-eyed Sienna spotted immediately. She began to massage the head, through my pants, keeping it slow at first and then faster, until I came right there . . . I hadn't come in my pants for years! She said if anyone had noticed my face, they would have thought I was having a heart attack, trying not to show too much excitement or make too much noise, and ever since, she's teased me about being just another horny teenager, despite my being in my 30's.

Best hand job my wife gave another guy: we had a MFM that was really great for her (and me . . . and him!). She liked the guy and loved the way he fucked her, but he had some trouble keeping it hard in a condom. After she was pretty well fucked out, she rolled over on her back, peeled his condom off, stroked his cock until it was rock hard again and then slid it deep into her mouth. She came rubbing herself with him again and again. Then, when she could tell he was about to come, she slipped his cock out of her mouth and with him still straddling her, stroked it for him while he and I watched until he came all over her belly and breasts, which she just loves. When she and I talk about that now and then, she gets both sweetly nostalgic and really horny going over what happened, stroke by stroke, that night.

Other hand jobs my wife has given other guys: funny, but until just now, it never dawned on me, but we don't talk about what we did with others before we met (now 5 years ago), not because of jealously or whatever but because it just isn't very interesting to either of us, especially given what we do with each other and with others. Feel free to email us. The pictures we sent in were taken by her and by me.

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