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First I want to say thank you for all of the wonderful comments from my last post. They have definitely boosted my confidence but according to C I am still not confident enough... and he is probably right! The last post was a big step and because of all of the comments I am posting again!! I really loved hearing all of the comments and seeing all of the other couples pics out there!! We had some great sex after the last post and I hope this post does the same!! I enjoyed hearing from the other ladies out there and their encouragement in both words and PICS!! Guys it was a new experience hearing from you and seeing your comments and experiences as I have been with my husband for a while now and not gotten comments like that!! Definitely appreciated! Exchanging pics with some of you was a lot of fun too!! My husband has enjoyed seeing me on here and reading the comments and seeing the pics! He was almost as excited as I was after seeing the last post!!

We have not done any official dares but as summer is upon us I am sure we will. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts about dares we would love to hear them! We would love to see your examples of them too!!:) Sorry for being long winded and as always we love hearing from you and exchanging pics!

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