Sex on the Beach

Vacation Wife

Sex on the Beach



My wife and I recently went on vacation in Florida, starting with a cruise and ending on the beaches. We decided it was vacation without kids and with of lots of nudity and sex.

We managed to find a great, private nude beach as you can see from the photos. My wife started out shy, but quickly loved the feeling of the sun and ocean breeze over her naked skin. We secretly touched each other when people were not nearby, and soon she was dripping wet and hot. I got a hard-on that I tried to hide as people strolled by, however, she dared me to stand up and show it off to the crowd. I obliged and she giggled with delight.

I had bought a wind barrier that provided enough privacy from the crowds. We slipped behind it and she started by giving me a hand job and sucking on my cock. When the pressure got too much, I turned her on her back and sank my hard cock into her waiting pussy. We both came almost immediately. A little while later I was hard and she was wet again. I turned her over on her stomach and fingered her wet pussy from behind and made her come again, and she jerked me off.

The next day at the hotel and we sat naked sun on the balcony on plain sight of the other apartments and hotels around us. After another public blow job, we went back to the bedroom.

Next vacation in Florida we want to try some of the swinger / nudist resorts! Can't wait!

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