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Wife Sex Sounds



First of all thanks to the webmaster for the back and forth emails in helping us get started with this. My husband and I are not very technically oriented and we needed some help. This all started because we answered an ad at an online dating site where someone was offering to video record a couple at no cost and would leave when we are done. His compensation was the opportunity to watch.

Arrangements were made for one evening and he arrived on time and he was an average looking guy. We chatted for a while and we gave him our video camera and he explained that he will tape whatever we want him to tape and since it was our camera, the video wouldn't go anywhere. After we all felt comfortable, I stood up and started to undress in front of this guy and he began to tape me. My nipples were erect and the guy kept saying "very nice". When I was finally naked, he noted my wet pussy and focused his camera between my legs. I opened my legs and he had a clear view of my pussy and I ran my fingers over my clit and it was very obvious I was turned on.

I made us all drinks and served naked while he continued to video tape. Then my husband laid me down on the couch and spread my legs wide and ate my pussy and the guy kept on taping. It was not long before I had my husband's pants off and proceeded to go down on him and play with his balls. At first he could not get hard with this guy taping us, however, I was able to take care of that and relaxed him in no time.

When we were done, he put down the camera and said he hoped we enjoyed it as much as he enjoyed watching us. It was a lot of fun and very erotic. We're not ready yet to share the video since we'd need to do a lot of editing and don't know how to do it yet but we did get off on the idea of people hearing us. Here are some pictures and a sound recording which isn't the best quality - like I said we are not that technical - and there are a lot of empty spaces but it is us. Let us know what you all think.

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