Pink Lips

Pink Pussy Lips


Growing up I had this huge crush on my parents friend's grandson. He was a couple years older than me and punk and sooo sexy! He graduated and joined the marines and I was still stuck in high school at 18. My senior year I some how managed to get my hands on his number when he was in town on leave so I called him and we met up at the park. I wore a short plaid shirt and a black tank top and no panties. We were hanging out by the swings and somehow my lack of undies came up in conversation so I flashed him and he spent the rest of the night trying to get his fingers up my skirt and I spent the rest of the night in shock that after crushing on him all those years he was trying to get up my skirt! Wow! At some point we had to go pick up one of my friends so he jumped in my car with me. On the way there he finger fucked me so good I had to make him stop or I was going to crash the car! He made my pussy so wet! We picked up my friend and convinced her to drive around so we could fuck in the back seat. And we did, I even ended up bent over the passenger seat (pushed forward) with hands on the dash at one point, it was amazing! That was just the beggining of a great relationship. When he would go back I would send him pictures, wish i still had them, and he would show them off to his buddies. We lost touch for awhile and recently ran into each other and have started up just as hott and heavy as we started! He loves this site and told me I should post some pictures so he came over took some pictures and fucked me. Here are a couple of the pictures to start and who knows maybe I'll send in some more pictures with more stories about all the fun stuff he and I have done : ) Hope you all enjoy them!

pinklips88 @

Pink 1

Pink Pussy Lips

Pink Pussy Lips

Pink Pussy Lips



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