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My boyfriend and I are very much into spanking and I am always looking for reasons to be 'punished' so to speak. We are not at all hardcore but just like it once in awhile so that I can get light spankings on my rear end. This last time was because of something I did while out with my friends at a bar listening to some live music. The place got really crowded as it got later. The first time I made my way back to the ladies room I was sort of stressed as I saw about seven other girls all jump right in front of me and form a line for the ladies room running out into the little hallway past the door to the men's room. I was about to wet my pants by then and I realized I might have waited too long. However, the line quickly moved to where I was standing directly across the hall from the door to the men's room that someone had propped open. There was this long metal urinal along the wall, and much to my surprise, I had a perfect view as three guys stood there peeing. At first, I felt embarrased and looked away. Those poor guys! It didn't look like there was any other place for guys in that crowded bar to pee other than right in front of me and any other girl in that hallway that happeded to walk by. It was quite a rush. At first I just looked at their faces. I really liked the way they were standing there. It's so manly! I must also admit that right before I had to move, I looked down and checked out their dicks. I was amazed that they didn't seem to care that I was there. One guy was trying to hide but the other two just seemed oblivious. What a rush! I almost didn't need to go myself anymore. I checked it out on my way out as well. When I told my boyfriend he told me how 'naughty' I was for doing that and a smile came across my face as I knew what I was in for. These pictures are the result.

We'd love to hear from others who like spanking.


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