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Here is a picture of me for your website. Perhaps you could put it in the NudeSelfPics section. My name is Cassandra and it's pretty obvious that I am into the goth lifestyle. I am not a total goth-a-holic or anything but enjoy the dark side of life from time to time and I'm going to tell you something about me that I feel I can't control, and don't WANT to control.

I love other women's boobs... ALOT. I love to look at them all day long. I fantasize about breasts when I fall asleep at night and wake up horny thinking of them again. I consider myself 'straight' with some bi tendancies but if women didn't have boobs then I wouldn't be interested in sex with a woman. I look at boobs everywhere I go and it's apparent to my friends. They thought I was weird at first but with us all being goth they got used to it and now point them out to me. I have been caught staring at women's breasts many times and many of them, when they realize I'm looking, become uncomfortable. I just can't turn away! I even stare at girls in the lockerroom undressing. To me, boobs are so perfect. So round, sensual, perky and beautiful. If I could, I would play with boobs all day long and love it every time. I know I sound worse than a guy LOL but what can I say? I LOVE BOOBS!




"Clips from different sorority sister's houses and dorms across colleges."

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