My Lesbian Encounter


Hi My name is Tamara and I was dared by my boyfriend to tell you all about my hot bi encounter while at the mall. I had been to a lingerie store a week earlier and met a saleslady named Karen who helped fit me with a bra. While doing so, she ended up "accidetally" brushing by my boobs. I couldn't tell if it was an accident or not but was turned on. So my boyfriend dared me to go back and try on my things with her and I loved the dare!

I entered Victoria Secret around 10:00 am. I immediately saw Karen scurrying around with several bras in hand. I was feeling very different about the dare I was about to do, showing myself to another woman. I'm the type person who is constantly second guessing myself and talking to myself silently. Yes, answering myself, too. Was the other day pure innocence on her part in touching me while fitting me for a bra? Sure, I've been fitted many times but never touched like that, she had to mean it. I was wearing a very short button up black dress and the tiniest black panties I have and that was it. I would be excited when I removed my dress and stood in front of her in panties that barely cover anything, but how would she react? Would she like it and want to touch me or would she be a bit embarrassed by my being almost naked? Should I take panties in there to change into and would she kneel in front of me to remove mine and assist me in putting on the new ones, all the while looking at my pussy? Was she just new and not knowing what she was doing the other day? That couldn't be it cause if she touched some women the way she touched me, they would report her.

Then I felt an arm wrap around mine as if walking down the aisle, and a hand on my forearm and a smiling "Hi" from her. She said she would be just a few more minutes and asked would I please wait and let her help me. I crossed my arm across my body and squeezed her hand with mine and told her of course I'd wait. Her eyes went from my eyes to my lips, back to my eyes, then scanned my body, all the while squeezing my hand. As she walked away, I looked at her butt. She wore pants and I could make out the top part of her thongs indented against the fabric. I liked what I saw very much.

I continued to look around and continued to question myself. Was her asking me to please wait because she wants me in the dressing room again or simply cause she gets commission? Should I just unbutton the dress to my waist and let it sit on my hips while I try bras or remove it? Remove it. I knew that answer. I would take it to that point and see what happens. What if I did get new panties and by that time my other ones were to be removed, they were so wet that she saw them, that she knew I was terribly excited about what was going on? Would that excite her or scare her off? Gawd, what if I stood there and came in my panties? The panties were so little. My heart was racing as it does when I anticipate excitement, I could feel myself getting very moist, I was taking deeper breaths, exhaling heavily to calm myself down. I knew I had to change my thoughts or I was going to do it right there before I even made into the dressing room.

Then I heard her voice as she rested her hand on my shoulder. I jumped. She apologized for startling me and asked if I was ok, telling me I looked sort of pale all of a sudden. I couldn't be honest and tell her I was fighting off having an orgasm over hot thoughts of being in the dressing room, so I just assured her I was fine.

Being that I was looking at panties, she asked if I needed some. I told her I mainly wanted a black bra as I wasn't wearing one. She laughed and asked if I had panties on and I laughed back and said of course I did but might want something new depending on the bra I chose. I told her the panties I had on were black and probably ok and she said we could take some with us in case we decided a change was needed. She said we could look at me with the bra and in the panties I had on and decide. This answered one question, the dress would come off.

We gathered up several and went to the dressing room, with her leading me all the way to the back with a door instead of a curtain like most people use. She said she didn't want to expose me to some guy or anything. I started unbuttoning my dress from the top as she laid the articles down and turned back and reached for the bottom of the dress and began unbuttoning. It was then we exchanged names. She was Karen. As she turned to hang it up, I could feel a rush, a tingle, a trickle of fluids between my legs. She looked up and down me and told me I had a sexy body and could tell I worked out. I thanked her and she reached for a bra. Again, I did nothing in putting on the bra except hold my arms out for the straps. Again, she touched my breasts and my nipples but this time, offering no apology. We didn't like the fit so she removed it. She told me I had the cutest little turned up nipples and asked if I was cold. Cold? She had to be referring to my nipples being so hard, but they were hard from her touching them. Was she baiting me? I was biting. I told her I wasn't cold, that my nipples are so very sensitive and when she was adjusting my breast and touching my nipples they just do that more so than some women. She said if I preferred her not adjusting she wouldn't and I told her not at all, that she does such a thorough job I want her to if them being hard is ok with her. She assured me it was fine as she slipped another bra on and began adjusting. Was it my imagination, my desire, or was she actually feeling my nipples much more than before?

I sort of jumped as she had my nipple between her fingers as she moved my breast. She was coming on to me and I had to figure out what I could do to help her. After I jumped, she said my nipples are really sensitive and asked if it hurt because I jumped. It was time for me to find out. I laughed and told her it didn't hurt, it felt good, actually, and pretended to be a little embarrassed as I apologized for saying that and asked if she ran into that problem fitting other women. She got really quiet as if I said something wrong. She looked at me and asked had I been fitted for bras before and I said plenty of times. She asked if I had been fitted the way she does it and I said, "Well, no but I thought you did a good job". We looked at each other and I finally said, "This isn't the way you fit other women, is it"? She had her arms by her side and just answered,"No". My bra was fastened in the front and I asked her was she going to unfasten it. She did and as she opened my bra, I reached up and placed my hands around her wrists. I guided them to my exposed breasts and placed them there and said, "Touch me if you want."

I was looking at her and she was looking at my breasts as she rubbed her thumb back and forth across my nipple. Without looking at me she told me I probably wouldn't believe her but she had never done this. She said the first time I was there and she touched me and I didn't mind, made her want to again with me. She said she has had fantasies about women as probably a lot of women do, but never acted on anything. She said she could get fired for this. I told her I put her hands there because it felt good and no one else would know.

I moved my hand to the back of her head and gently pressed it toward my breast. I watched as her tongue came out and touched my nipple and then her lips covered my nipple. I ran my hands down her back and pulled her close to me and her hands left my breasts and went to my butt as she sucked my nipples. I unbuttoned the back of her pants, unzipped them and pushed them down, squeezing her bare cheeks. She looked up at me with this strange look on her face and I bent over just a bit and took her lips in mine, first her upper then lower lip, no tongue. Then as I placed my lips full on hers, I felt her tongue and met it with mine. I brought her hand around front to the top of my panties and said if she wants to she could, and her hand slipped inside and straight to my wetness. She moaned as she entered me and I moved my hand to her front and inside to feel her wetness as well.

We were fingering and kissing when someone knocked at the door. Karen quickly told them it was occupied and removed her finger from me. I took her hand and guided it to her lips, she smiled and took it inside and tasted me. She then took my hand from her and to my lips and watched as I slowly licked it clean of her juices. She said she had to go. She was so nervous poor thing. Nervous about being caught and nervous about it being her first time. I got home and my BF took care of me after I told him what had happened. And now all of you know as well.



Awkward Moment ...

*** The winning girlfriend, became quiet and unhappy (later on in full vid) watching her BF and the loser have fun ... he even made her cum.

What's happening?? ...

"I Won - I get to sit out with the other winner and watch the loser receive her consequence."

"I Lost - I must now take both of the winner's boyfriends in front of them. One in the pussy and the other in the mouth :("


Loser Must Masturbate for the Other 2 ...

Their First Time Playing Strip High Card ...

Loser has to Submit to 'Anything' the other wants ...


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