My Naked Pic

My Naked Pic

Hi Webmaster,

Great site! I want to add my own picture to it along with my pet peeve when it comes to online stories. Guys always worry about penis size and are convinced that we like it sooo much.

Personally I don't like big penis'. Too long or too thick, they hurt and most guys think we are screaming in pleasure. We are not but we don't say anything about it to prevent hurt feelings and egos.

Several studies have already been done on this subject and it's always the same result; the average length of a penis is 5 1/2 - 6 1/2 inches works for the average woman. I agree, more than that is too much. Although a larger or thinker penis is impressive to look at, it is mostly useless otherwise.

Now understand I am talking about averages; the average man, the average woman etc. Some woman can handle it but; of the women I've talked to so far about this, I haven't met one who could yet.

I have tried a slightly larger and slightly thicker penis and I will not try another. I will stick to the average from now on.

Love Karina



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