Nude Girl

I don't really consider myself bisexual, but I've been with a few girls. My first time was my third year in college. I was working as a waitress at the time. A girl I worked with used to flirt with me a lot, especially in front of her boyfriend, who also worked with us. When we were at work we'd share kisses or sneak a quick make-out session. I thought the taboo aspect of it was fun, plus I liked the attention it got from guys, so I just played along. Anyway, one thing lead to another and then the three of us got drunk and wound up in bed one night. She went down on me while I made out with her boyfriend. She rolled over and told me it was my turn. I was nervous but I couldn't say no after she had just gone down and me, so I went for it. It I've always been really oral and I like being in control of someone's pleasure like that. Like I say, I'm basically into guys, but I wish I would have been more open to the opportunity before then.



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