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Yes, when I was about 13 a friend and I were just starting to get into drinking. Parents were away and I snuck into their closet where they kept the liquor. We got pretty messed up and ended up playing T-O-D, well anyway I end up naked when the phone rings, it's my friend's mom calling him home for dinner. Well, he says he's leaving and I pass out on the bed, next thing I know I'm waking up (like an hour later( and my so-called friend is just finishing typing me up to the bed. I mean, really hog tying me and all, he had both legs and one arm typed to the bedpost. I tried to fight off with one hand but finally gave up when he promised to untie me after five minutes, so he said. Well, after he finished tying me up the little shit started tickling me REAL BAD, I even popped a boner (and I wasnt gay, well at least didnt think I was). Then the fucker says 'later' and heads out the door with me laying there spread eagled on the bed! Worst part is he came back later with his sister (she was about 15) she just laughed and laughed, I coulda died. They took a picture of my, I ended up buying it back for 20 dollars about a month later so no one would see it. Guess I still haven't learned my lesson cause I still drink and do dumb things. But life's too short to stress about it.


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