Wife Nude in the Kitchen

Nude in the Kitchen

Hi All,

Here is a picture of my wife cooking in the kitchen bottomless wearing an apron for cover. What you can't see is that she was cooking for 4 of us! We invited another couple over for dinner who are good friends of ours and I dared my wife to cook bottomless likes she does on Sunday mornings when we are alone. She really got a kick out of the idea and after we ironed the details out she gave me the 'nod'. They came over, we talked for some time and then my wife announced that she was going to prepare the food. She got into the kitchen and pulled her pants off (she wasn't wearing underwear) and started to cook. My heart was racing as I knew she was bottomless. I managed to get a picture of her but only one. What I really would have loved was to take a pictue of her from behind while she popped out the doors and asked them something. That way I could see her ass and the guests too but it would have been weird. It was hard enough explaining why I had taken one picture in the kitchen as they saw the flash go off. Oh yeah, she would even go through the swinging doors and ask if anyone wanted something to drink etc... and then she'd back into the kitchen again. That made me hard and almost noticeable to our friends who had no clue. It was exciting! When she was done she came out dressed and we enjoyed the evening. When they left we tore each other's clothes off and she told me she was wet the whole evening. I loved it and hope everyone here does too. - F & D


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