Ass Flash

Ass Flash

Hi truthordarepics,

Well, we are John and Stacy and we decided to take a cue from Voyeurcouple as well and try something on the idea page list. The one we choose was flashing in the park but when we got to the field there were too many other people there walking their dogs. We waited but they seemed to be talking for forever! So we moved on and saw the train tracks and my husband had the idea to do it there. We looked around and there was really nobody so he told me to get on the tracks and flash me something. I pulled my pants down and flashed my ass and he kept telling me he was adjusting the camera and to hold the pose a bit longer and that he was just checking the batteries and to keep the pose and finally he took the picture. The bastard did it on purpose! He let me stay that way for a full minute or so and made me sweat it out. I forgave him quickly enough and we were going to take more but people started to come into the area with their dogs. So that was going to be it for us and we got home and are now typing this up for your site. I loved it and am hooked now and want to do more. John is already in the shower and hurrying me up so I can join him. This could be addictive. - Love and Kisses Stacy.


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