A Wife Dared

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Hey Everyone,

We love your site! Well, I am writng about this because I am sure at least a few of you may have come across this type of situation and if not, like I always say ...you learn something new everyday.

My hunny and I went to a swingers club Saturday night {first time for us} and we had so much fun! I was dared to go and it was the only way I ever would have been convinced. There is a lot of background as to why I accepted it but suffice it to say I "owed" him and this is what he chose.

So, I got ready in clothing I thought would be sexy (see the attached photographs) and we headed out to a place hunny picked out. I thought I'd hate it but we danced so much my legs are still sore! The night started out fabulously, when we first got there, we were seated at a table, but I eyed the bartender, who was just too cute. So, we moved to the bar and that's where we sat off and on throughout the evening. I was surprised that I was getting comfortable enough to notice him and other men!

Things were going great, the music was awesome, the drinks were flowing and strong! I was flirting shamelessly with the bartender. As I was saying, we'd dance and talk to different people, hubby's still learning to dance, and so it took him awhile to actually go out on the dance floor without me, but he did great! I danced with a girl and then a few guys. We were just really enjoying ourselves. Well, about an hour before the club was to close, this guy came up to my hunny ... Didn't even introduce himself to me and says his wife went out for a cigarette and they'd like to get to know us when she comes back. So, we're thinking - Okay,no problem, we'll see what happens. So, the guy walks off. My hunny and I decided a few minutes later to go dance ... when low and behold here comes the couple.

They introduced themselves and we said we'd be back, we're just going to go dance to this song ... Well, I guess they took it as an invitation, because they followed us out to the dance floor- Mind you, we've not even had a conversation with these people. We both looked at each other and gave the "ahh,what the hell" shrug. All 4 of us danced together and it was really sexy. After the song was over, we headed back to the bar and this girl is yelling how she's going to get laid, and telling the guys to go get a room {the club is run out of a hotel} and she and I are going outside to play alone for awhile and so she can smoke a cigarette!! And, I said okay, hold on a minute, first of all, we want to tell you guys if we do do anything, it'll be soft swap, and we'd like to stay at the club until it closes. Because while she was relatively attractive to the both of us, we wanted to know them a tiny bit more. But, she was on a mission and flying a bit too high and kept saying how she'd change my mind and I should really go ahead and do full and all this crap.

Sooo, hubby and I decided to go talk amongst ourselves and I told him, if he wanted full, he could go with them and have a threesome, because I was perfectly content to flirt with the bartender all night {I did get to hug him and grab his ass. Kissed him on the cheek a few times,too - woo hoo. He told me that her aggressiveness and pushiness was a turn off and he wanted to forget it. I guess she had pecked him on the lips while we were on the dance floor and grabbed him and told him "let's get a room", and he told her that we all needed to get together and talk about it first. And, even before that he said he had gone to lift up my skirt while we were all dancing and she had slapped his hand away and that turned him off ... So, after we had decided that I went to the rest room and on my way back to the bar, I noticed the couple were talking amongst themselves. So, I went to ask my hunny what he wanted to tell them. Then, they got up and left! Fine by us but weird?

Of course, we've been analyzing this all weekend, and we feel like if they'd come and actually talked to us and maybe gave us a chance to get to know them throughout the evening, it possibly would have turned out different, but "wham-bam" just doesn't cut it!

Goodness! I swear, that girl was like a hurricane,she was just going sooo fast!! But, like I said, other than that we had an absolutely wonderful time. Dancing with them was really sexy, like I said but we needed a little more time to move from the dance floor to the bedroom. In any case we did meet the bartender in someone's room (after party) and my husband and I enjoyed his company and he gave me a great big smooch when the night was over and caressed my behind while doing so. HOT! Hunny and I didn't sleep much when we got home LOL.

We hope you liked my dare experience as I sure did. I tried to keep it as real as possible and show what it can be like at one of those places. Next time - yes I said next time as I loved it - we'll be going at least to 3rd base and I can't wait! - Margaret & Hunny

A Wife Dared

A Wife Dared

A Wife Dared

A Wife Dared



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