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My best friend Jason and i have been buds for years... probably ever since we've both been out of college... (about 8 years since college).

We're both happily married and are 'normal' with our lives... and do live near eachother (same subdivision). Anyway... I was over at Jason's house this particular saturday with my wife watching his favorite team... the Bears (who were getting slaughtered!). the wives disappeared into the kitchen or somewhere as they typically do and all was well as I was having a great time... when all of a sudden, boom - there pops his wife out of the kitchen budck naked!

I mean instant stiffy for me and incredible shock all at the same time! I mean you can tell from the picture (that my wife took of course, little minx) that she's quite something to look at! Now that she had my attention, she took in the admiration (it was obvious) and she then sat in the love seat, legs together and watched the rest of the game that way. Totally hot situation, let me tell you! So i'm guessing my buddy Jason was in on all of it too as he just played along and would make comments about her breasts and sexy stomach when he would compare her to the cheerleaders during the game breaks. All came to a head though when the game was winding down and Jason finally bucked up and said it wasn't fair that i got all the eye candy to myself... at that my beautiful wife who i love dearly stood up, stripped off her shirt, slipped her jeans down, peeled her bra and thong undies off and slowly walked across the room in a sexy strut towards Jason.

Once there (Jason was ont he couch) she stood about 2 feet in front of his face, turned around and proceeded to get on all fours right in front of him but on the coffee table! so with her sexy ass right in his face (practically) she looks over her shoulder and asks if this view is any better! Unbelievable! Up til that point i had never EVER seen brandee do anything even remotely as hot as that! It is also good to look back on it and remember that none of us was drunk our too out of control that day which actually made it that much hotter! As my dick had the instant hard-on, Jason's seemed to have this ever increasing effect until his pants looked like they were going to expload. The girls gave a suggestive glance at one another and they decided to give the other's spouse their due hand job... talk about another first for me... to be wanked off by my friend's naked wife all while my naked wife jack's off my buddy!

Right away there was some serious hand pumping and fist pounding as in only moments the two of us were on our feet spewing over our new breast targets... incredible, what a saturday! and the best part is, nobody went too far and we're all still great pals with no repeat performances as of yet! thanks! brad and brandee - sundevuls @



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