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One night in Houston my wife and I were just out for a drive and stopped at an adult book store to get a magazine. My wife stayed in the car and I went in. When I came back she said a guy walking out of the bookstore walked by the van and asked her through the partially lowered window if she would show her tits a little. She didn't but when I came out she told me and I suggested it would be fun and she agreed. We pulled up to where he was parked and she asked him if he still wanted to see? Of course his response was immediately Yes! We pulled over to a side street and he got beside our van.

She got in the back and undid her blouse and he asked to touch them which was alright by her and as he reached through the window and did that my wife rubbed her pussy - was I surprised. It didn't take much of that so that he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard member. By this time we had been talking back and forth and he wanted to know if she would fuck him. She refused obviously as she liked the safety of being in the car and him outside. But she did pull off her panties, hike up her skirt and layed back to play with herself more. He was loving it and touching himself too. The sight of a stranger with his cock out watching my wife with her tits swinging rythmically as she rubbed herself hard was so hot I had to jack off. He finished, thanked up and left.

That night I fucked her while her pussy was still wet from our exhibitionism. Jeez, I don't think I ever shot a bigger load than that night. Now all we have to do is talk about it to get hot and we have told another couple over drinks who are of the same persausion (sometime swingers) and they got so excited he was fingering his wife while we told the story. She and my wife were so wet by the end of that conversation we left and went to our house to finish the fun. Here are pictures of my wife in the car showing it all off to whomever can see. Nudity in the car is the norm for us now. We thought you all would get a kick out of this. - Dave and Nancy

Car Flash



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