D & A: Young Naked Wife

Young Naked Wife

Hi truthordarepics,

I am a huge fan of the site and have been eager to send you a submission. My wife is a bit straight laced and likes to keep sex strictly in the bedroom. Alas, here is the story of her first dare that she took on.

We were on a long road trip and had been fooling around in the car (see pic below). When the sun went down we still had about an hour to go before we got home. I slipped my hand down my wife's shirt and started massaging her breasts. I told her it was a little tight where my hand was and I could move better if she would just slip off her bra... she did. The petting continued for a while more and then I persuaded her to remove her jacket. This left her in a tank top. I began focusing on her nipples and they were as hard as rocks, so I slid my hand down into her jeans where I found a literal ocean. By this time, she was rubbing my cock, and I was about to bust. This was my chance to push the envelope!

I began to pull one of the straps off of her shoulder. She smiled and stopped me at first, but did not halt my second attempt. One breast exposed and she was letting out little moans. As we came close to other motorists, she immediately covered up. I was determined to have her completely topless. She slid her own arm out of the other strap and I pulled the entire shirt down. I agreed to cover her up with my hand if we passed another car. The more people we passed, the less of her I covered up, and before long, she was sitting there completely exposed as we passed other people. How hot is that? Who knows if anyone saw, but it was the sexiest thing she's ever done. She let me snap a picture and then we were home, where the real fun began. - pictakersad @ gmail.com

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YOUR PENIS !!              
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