Embarrassed Wife: Nude

Embarrassed Wife Nude

Hi Webmaster of truthordarepics,

My husband took these pictures of me and I must say I am shaking as I am about to let them go into cyberspace. We were influenced to do this by my boss in a way that she doesn't know about. There's nothing worse ( well maybe there is), but I caught at work in my office by my boss one day touching myself between my legs. I never do that at work ever and don't know why I did that day but I guess it was slow and I was alone in the office for a good length of time. I must have been so caught up in what I was doing not to notice her open the door and come in. She saw my hands in my skirt and my blouse and froze and so did I. She thought it was funny, left the office and nothing was ever said about it. Phew!! When I told my husband that evening we were both on fire and have talked about it for months now, really milking the excitement. So now this is my second step. I am exposing myself again to many many more people now and am embarrassed and excited. We can't wait to see them posted but please be sure NOT to post our email.


Embarrassed Wife

Embarrassed Wife

Embarrassed Wife

Embarrassed Wife

Embarrassed Wife



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