Exposed Wife

Exposed Wife

Hi Webmaster,

My wife and I went to this exotic resort in Jamaica. Before going further, I must tell you about my wife. She is pretty by most standards but very conservative, I have been working on her to get her out of her inhibitions and enjoy life to the fullest. We have been married 10 years and during these years she has slowly started enjoying her body and feminism.

During the vacation, we had a argument that she lost. The content of the argument is not important but as a result she had to agree to expose her back to a stranger. She agreed as long as she did not have to be frontal nude and the stranger did not get to see her face. I agreed and we decided to do this on the beach.

In front of the hut we were staying there is an open-air shower that is used to wash off the sand and dirt before we enter the hut.. I made her have a full nude bath while ordering food from the room service. This is the picture of her having the bath. Then I went and sat in the portico while the room service boy delivered the food . He got the same view you are getting and needless to say lingered a lot while arranging the plates and setting the table while looking at her. When he came out and asked me to sign the bill, I innocently told him to take the signature from her. He was only too happy and went to her and asked her to sign while she was having the shower. She being shy, refused to turn around though I was by this time really hot and was wishing she will turn around and give him a full frontal nude look.

But that did not happen. This was all he could see and he went away, After that you can imagine what fun we had!

Gary - vallanceg @

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Exposed Wife


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