Flashing Wife: Exposing Her Cunt

Flashing Wife Exposing Her Cunt

Hi Webmaster,

I never thought that I would be writing a letter to you, but I guess that goes to show that anything is possible. I'll have to start from the beginning so please bear with me.

I met my very beautiful and sexy wife about 12 years ago. I knew that she was the one for me the minute I laid eyes on her. We dated for quite a while without having sex and I respected her for the choice she made. That still doesn't mean I wasn't dying to get into her pants and sample her sweat juices. Then one day it finally happened. I made love to her. I was clumsy and wasn't very good even though I had done it once or twice before. My loving partner was fantastic.

We have been married for about 6 years and have two wonderful sons that I wouldn't trade for the world. But after all this, sometimes the love life lacks variety and tends to get pretty routine. We fell into that rut. I always thought that my wife felt like she was missing out on something by having only one lover, ME. I always wondered if in the back of her mind she thought about what it would be like to suck on another man's large hard cock. I know she likes the feeling of having a rock hard cock in her mouth and she gives awesome blowjobs. And I just knew that deep down she hungered for another man's dick to pump her mouth. She wanted to lick and suck his balls and stroke his shaft. She wanted him to cum all over her and inside her. She wanted to be fucked long and hard by another man and feel his penis penetrate her wet hot pussy. She wanted her brains fucked out, I just knew it.

We have a variety of sex toys that we like to use to spice up the love that we make. Anything from vibrators to dildos and even a man's toy for that special anal pleasure. We like to video and photograph each other to look at at a later date. But still I believed that my wife needed more. She needed a purple helmeted warrior to scream out and bust through her fleshy pink pussy lips and lubricate her inner sanctum. She wanted cum in her and on her.

A few months back we started to talk about some variety to our sex life. Now, I need to tell you that I am about as perverted as they come and I'd try anything at least once, twice if I liked it. My wife is a little more shy. After a series of talks she finally admitted something to me. She wondered what it would be like to have another man fuck her. She did want to suck on somebody else's cock just to see what it was like. She wanted to experience another rock hard cock fuck her and poke her and cum on and in her and she wanted to taste that same cock. I told her that I thought that was a great idea and that I'd even be willing to watch and/or participate. To tell you the truth, the idea of watching another man fuck the living shit out of my wife made my cock spring to attention. I don't know why, but I wanted to watch and participate. My wife deserved this.

After some time and some discussion my wife told me that she might be willing to participate in a threesome. She not only wanted a strange boner to be thrust up her, she wanted to be sucking on my dick when this was happening. This gave me a constant hard on. Now we just had to wait for an opportunity. After all, you don't just go up to anybody and ask him to tag team your wife.

Well, the opportunity arose and so did me and my buddy Bo. The three of us went away for a couple days on some business and prior to going my wife told me she wouldn't mind fucking Bo's dick. The week prior to leaving was filled with sexual tension and talks about a fuck fest. The day finally arrived to leave.

Little did I know, but just before leaving my wife told me she had a surprise for me. She dropped her skirt and panties and revealed a beautiful sight. Her pussy was neatly trimmed. I love trimmed pussies more than hairy or bald and she knows it and this drove me wild. But to add another layer onto the cake, she showed me a string hanging out between her puffy pink lips. She had put some Ben Wa balls in. Incredible. There before me was my wife with a bald mound and Ben Wa balls stuffed up her snatch. Instant woody, and time to go.

We barely made it to the chevy when I was already snapping pictures of her. That lead to her showing me more and more until I HAD to see that pussy again. She leaned back, took out the balls, had me lick them and showed me exactly what I wanted to see asking if this is what I wanted to witness with Bo. Damn, I was about to fuck her right there but she told me we have to save it. So I reluctantly got back in and we picked up Bo and away we went. We had about a two-hour drive and it was filled with sex talk. Little did Bo know about our plan to have him fuck my wife. About half way into the trip we stopped to do some shopping. This even included a trip to an adult bookstore where my wife purchased climax beads. The thought of shoving these up her ass and fucking her until she cums and then pulling them out was too much. I almost lost my load in the store.

We arrived at our destination and went out for dinner. My wife was now strongly hinting to me and Bo that she planned on going back to the cabin and getting fucked like she's never been fucked before. While driving to the cabin she took off her panties and threw them up into the chevy. I was extremely pleased with my wife's display of courage and was happy that she was taking the first steps towards getting two hard cocks rammed up her pussy. We stopped for beer and when we came out, her panties were lying in the front seat and she was in the back. While driving I was fortunate enough to reach back and put a finger into her cunt. When I first touched her, I couldn't believe how moist and juicy her pussy was. She had taken out the Ben Wa Balls again and later admitted to having two orgasms while riding in the back and shopping. I had to return my attention to the road until we got back to the cabin.

Once at the cabin, Bo and my wife sat on the couch while I sat in a chair. Bo got up to go to the bathroom, and my shy and innocent wife took her top off to reveal the most beautiful tits ever. They are the perfect size. She told me that she just wanted to see if Bo would notice, but deep down I think she anticipated her cunt getting a good cock ramming from two horny men.

Bo walked out and sure enough he noticed the tits. My wife said that now we would have to take off our bottoms. We told her to do it herself and she wasted not time in pulling off both our shorts. There we sat, in our boxers and my wife with her tits hanging out to leave us drooling over. She agreed to let me take off her shorts if she could do the same to us. We were tripping over ourselves agreeing to this. I walked over and pulled off her shorts and revealed the most beautiful, trimmed and wet pussy known to mankind. Bo just gasped and gawked.

Since my wife was bare ass naked she stood up and pulled Bo's boxers off and then pulled mine off. All three of us were buck-naked. Them my wife did something that I never thought she would have the guts to do, but I absolutely loved watching. She knelt down in front of Bo, took his rock hard cock into her hand, stroked it for a second, then buried it into her mouth. She sucked on his cock and balls like a little kid eating a watermelon. Bo's eyes were rolling in his head and I almost came just seeing this. His lcock went in and out of her hungry mouth and she worked that tool like it was the last one on earth and she would never see one again.

It didn't take me long to take up a position behind my wife doggie style. I slid my stiffy into her cunt and could not believe how wet she was. I started to fuck her while she worked on Bo's dick. Bo agreed that my wife was awfully good at giving head. Bo told me that we need to switch positions, and I eagerly agreed to this maneuver. With my wife on all fours and me on the couch, she started to work her magic on my wand. She knows I love it when she sucks my nuts and plays with my ass, so she did this just to tease me. The next sight I saw was incredible. Bo was behind my wife and was bent over eating her pussy. Soon after, he lay on the floor and my wife slid down on his face for a great pussy eating party. I know my wife loved this because she came twice. I know Bo loved it because he just kept on licking, sucking and eating.

My wife lay on her back and received some more tongue from Bo. She took my cock out of her mouth just long enough to say, 'Somebody had better fuck me quick.'

Bo needed no more instructions. He crawled up on my wife and I saw her hand take his boner and place it into the opening of her woman hood. With one smooth thrust, Bo was buried deep into her pussy and she was in ecstasy. I sat back and watched with amazement while my buddy punish fucked my wife. I watched as his dick slid in and out of her pussy. With every thrust into her cunt she let out a moan and met him with equal power. With each withdrawal I saw her pink fleshy cum covered pussy lips spread open. This continued on and finally Bo started to tense up. I knew what was next. Bo let out a gasp as he emptied his hot steamy sticky load of jiz into my wife's waiting pussy. He collapsed for a brief second, then slid off of her.

Taking over for my buddy, I climbed onto my wife and drove into her. I couldn't hold back for long and when I felt my balls tighten I knew what was next. I screamed as I let myself shoot from my well-fucked dick and into my wife's cum filled snatch. This made her pussy double fucked and double cum filled. What a treat.

On the ride home my wife was again horny. We let Bo drive and I got into the back seat. I took off my wife's clothes and then undressed. She was laid back and I began to eat out her snack bar. Much to my suprise, she produced a 10-inch vibrator and begged me to fuck her with it. I slowly slid it into her and turned it on. My wife was going crazy as the toy hummed out a tune. It was not long before she arched her back and said, 'Oh yes, fuck me, I'm cumming.' And cum she did, all over the place. I proceeded to remove the toy and replace it with my steel shaft. I pumped on her bald mound until I let out a load of warm jiz, which filled her snatch. It was the best ride home I'd ever had.

For the next two days I relived this scene in my mind constantly. I walked around with a hard on and had to jack off three times. My wife is the best person in the world and I would do anything for her. I truly love her and my only goal is to make her happy. I hope that my being there and participating while she experienced the joy of having some orgasms and getting fucked by somebody else, is a comfort to her. Sex is a fantastic experience and three people do it together, it is absolutely mind-boggling. This was our first time for a three some and hopefully it won't be the last. I hope that we can do some swapping in the future and I always hope that my wife can let go of her shyness and inhibitions and experience the wonderful feeling of sexual gratification. I'd do anything for her, she is the BEST!!! - Mario

Flashing Wife

Flashing Wife

Flashing Wife

Flashing Wife



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