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Been caught? -->In junior high school, I used to sit in the back of the classroom and write erotic stories in my Trapper Keeper notebook. I'll never forget the time I had a brain fart and accidentally left that notebook under the desk after Social Studies! One of the girls in the class, Stephanie Matthews, found it and gave it to the teacher -- but not before she had read my story and showed it to at least a dozen other girls!!! The story I'd written began with me on the beach, meeting a cute girl and going swimming with her. Somehow she convinced me that we should go skinnydipping, and lo and behold I lost my swimsuit in the ocean. She agreed to let me hide behind her on the way back out of the water, and then she let me put on HER one-piece bathing suit long enough to walk me from the beach to her house nearby. As soon as we arrived at her house, she tied me naked to her mom's bed and began to toy with my private parts. I didn't even know I had left the notebook behind until I was drinking from the water fountain later that day. Stephanie and her friends came up behind me with funny smiles on their faces. "Hi Pete, written any good stories lately?" she asked with a knowing look. "What the hell are you talking about?" I gulped, realizing almost instantly what must have happened. "We read your little story about going to the beach and getting ... molested," she taunted. I blushed about 6 shades of crimson. "I didn't write that, uh, I found it under the desk," I lied. Hours later, sitting in Mr. Renaldo the guidance counselor's office, I was staring at my shoes and continuing to deny that the story was even mine. "But it is so well-written," he was saying, "in fact, I'm dying to know how it turns out." How stupid did he think I was? I continued to sit there and sweat. "You know, as many as fifty percent of all people fantasize about being tied up and made love to by the opposite sex," he said, "so it is perfectly okay for you to have those sorts of erotic fantasies as long as you do not act them out for real." I had a sudden mental image of myself spread-eagled to Stephanie Matthews' bed, thrashing around as she and her friends made love to me. Standing behind Stephanie was an angry Mr. Renaldo, shaking his head with disdain and wagging his finger at me for acting out such a disgusting little fantasy. He questioned me for nearly two hours, but for some reason I never did confess despite being confronted with a side-by-side handwriting analysis that matched perfectly. In my mind, maybe I HADN'T really written the naughty story, maybe it really WAS some evil weirdo that had momentarily taken over my body. I dunno. Needless to say, I have acted out a LOT of my fantasies since junior high, including SEVERAL involving my being "tied up and made love to." Sorry Mr. Renaldo!!!



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