Helen - 1: MILF Sleeping Nude

MILF Sleeping Nude


My wife and I were playing strip poker and she lost, so rather than making her masterbate in front of me which is my usual prize I suggested that she do a dare.

The dare was for us to order a kebab and when he turned up, I would go and write a cheque in the kitchen and she would pretend to be a asleep on the sofa but allow one of her tits to be on show for the delivery driver to see. Imagine my surprise and the drivers when I walked into the front room with the delivery driver and my wife was laying like this, showing all. I said nothing about it to the driver and said I wouldn't be a minute and went into the kitchen to write a cheque. I watched him walk up close to her as he thought I was not looking, he had a good close look at her pussy and tits then got out his camera phone and took a couple of photo's then quickly put it away.

I returned to the front room gave him the cheque he still looked stunned, I said to him" oh shes a bit drunk" He said "oh right" not really knowing what else to say. He took the cheque and I showed him out, I then took these photo's.

She was really turned on by all of this and and so was I so I fucked her straight away, then we had to re-heat our kebabs. My wife suggested that we should post these so I hope you like them. She also suggested that if she did this another time, she would wait for them to come close then open her eyes and look at them with a big smile.

Our deliveries seem to turn up a bit quicker now not sure why!!!

- mypussyssoft @ yahoo.com

Helen's Pussy

Helen's Pussy

Helen's Pussy


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