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Hi Webmaster,

I am doing this dare for my boyfriend who loves your site and never misses an update. First some background:

We just started dating but before him I was engaged which obviously didn't work out. He was a nice guy and we are still friends but it just wasn't meant to be. Now, my current boyfriend and I love to talk dirty in bed and tell each other fantasies but recently we have begun to talk about our past sexual experiences. He tells me a lot more than I tell. Partly because he has more and partly because I only have one good one really. So, he asked me to tell him all about it while stripping for him. I should mention that he works in a hotel and we get rooms all the time (we still have our own apartments) and so that is where he wanted me to do it. So, in the pictures you can see he was eager to embarrass me LOL and this is basically what I told him in a nutshell.

I told him of the first daring sexual experience I had was on the boardroom table in a meeting room. I had met my ex fiancee there for a quiet afternoon meeting, knowing we would be alone. Well, one thing led to another and I found myself on my back on the boardroom table buck naked. I had some of my very best moments in that board room. Lots of oral sex and OMG if that table could talk!!! Never a dull moment at that job. If it could talk it would say it saw the best display of passion, oral sex, and naked flesh that it had ever seen or will ever see. Not to mention the basement of the building and the equipment room. Man, the stories I now have to tell my boyfriend. This was for him. - Aly

Hotel Strip

Hotel Strip

Hotel Strip

Hotel Strip

Hotel Strip



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