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Your Actual Real Fantasy? --> I have several but one of my favorites involves my ex wife. I get a call from her saying that she will do anything to be a part of my life again. I agree, but only if she agrees to be my slave. She agrees and we arange to meet in a local restaurant. Per my instructions she wears a dress that has a see through top and absolutely no underwear so essentially she is topless. When she gets to the restaurant I have her pull her dress so I can check. She has worn underwear. I make her remove them right there in the restaurant. I take them and place them in plain sight on the table.

I then take her home where I have several friends (both male and female) waiting to have fun with her. First we force her to strip for us. At first she hesitates but I tell her to strip or leave. After she strips I make her go around to each of my guests and let them examine her. They take turns looking at he closely as well as playing with her tits, pussy and ass, making her bend over and spread her ass, etc. They refrain from any penteration yet. Next I have her masterbate for us then she has to prefrom oral sex on each of us, making us cum. (I especially want to do this as she always hated giving blow jobs).

At some point we shave her pussy. Eventually we all fuck her among other things. One of the things I have her do is to enter an amature strip contest. I'm also toying with the idea of having her fuck strangers. I may tie her naked in a boys locker room. A lot of this would happen while she is tied and blindfolded because she also hated being blindfolded. I would also spank her, not only on the ass but everywhere, and nipple clips would probably come into play


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