Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hi Webmaster,

My husband always talked about having a threesome but I would have no part of it. We watched movies and read magazines together and just fantasized about having one basically. Well, we bacame good friends with our neighbours right behind us. He (Robert) had a very weird wife, looney I called her. Robert is tall and average looking but very kentuckyian simple I guess. Anyway, you know how guys get together and talk about sex. Well that's what my husband and Robert did all the time, like youths. I'm more reserved I guess, but anyway my husband was always telling me how Robert wasn't getting laid by his wife and it had been like 6 months. For christmas we got a new hot tub on our deck so all the neighbours would come over and party regularly. Well it was Robert's birthday and as everyone was leaving my husband asked Robert to stick around. I was tired and went to bed.

Pretty soon my husband comes in and wants me to come out. I kept telling him I was tired, but he would be rubbing my clit and fingering me telling me about how it would be nice if Robert was doing this and then he would leave then come back and do it again. Finally I told him I wuold go out but no hanky panky. I didn't know they had taken their shorts off when I got in the tub to join them. My husband gets out to have a smoke and then what a shock, Robert starts moving closer to me and my husband says he's going in for some beer. As soon as my husband goes in robert grabs my hand and puts it on his cock. He starts to unzip my suit and pulls it off and now he is all over me. I was so horny from the bedroom that I was surprised to find myself giving in to him sucking on my tits and trying to finger me. Then he sat me on the edge of the hot tub against the cover, spread my legs and eats me like I have never been eaten, actually like he had never eaten. He was great. My husband came out jus in time to see me writhe in pleasure and convulse as I came with Roberts tongue inside me. After that I was embarrassed and ran into the bedroom. My husband followed and asked what was wrong and I told him nothing , just that it was embarrassing. He told me not to worry and that Robert had left. We then finished ourselves off imagining Robert taking me on the bed and planning how we would do it next. Attached are pictures that my husband took and says he is going to show Robert once they are posted. - Gail

Hot Wife

Hot Wife



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