Janie Nude in Savannah: Exposing Her Crotch

Nude Exposing Her Crotch


First we love the site.

Ok, I lost a dare and have to write this and share these pix. No face because…

My boyfriend and our friends, this couple, have known each other a while and have talked all kind of smack about sex, (like who gives better head or who’s the hardest) when we drink, but never done anything. But this week on spring break from school (we all teach school), it got out of hand and I guess I have to pay.

Basically, we were all celebrating last Monday night and came home drunk to our place. We were playing cards and doing silly stuff until Mike, her Bf, dared Karen to show her tits. She did and we laughed but the boys (Mike and my bf John) would not let the nudity go. Karen and I were having fun with it, and three drinks later it seemed she and I were half undressed. She was down to underwear, me to just jeans.

The Karen tells me to let the boys take a pic of me. I did a partial nude as you can see. But they were all teasing me about no panties!

Maybe three hands later I ( and I’m just silting there topless) she overbet and I won. I got my t shirt back on fast and told her to dance for the boys like a stripper. Now everyone’s drunk and being silly, so she did and they both were slapping her behind, etc. I should have been jealous but I wasn’t.

So I lose a hand that Karen wins and because my bra is already off, she tells me both boys get to touch me! John and I were surprised but it was all in fun so they both briefly fondled me. It felt nice but I had no idea how to react exactly. But I was definitely getting revenge.

We kept playing and everyone started choosing truth because I guess we were not ready for anything else. Finally I got sick of it and took a dare from Mike. He said “are you sure.” I said “hell yes.”

And then he stood up and took his dick out of his pants and told me to stroke it. We were all quiet for a sec…it was so intense, and I thought O well, looked at John, who gave me the slightest nod and I took John’s cock in my hand.

I looked at Karen and she just knew what to do. She undid John’s pants and we both were touching the boys.

In the middle of it, John asked me for one more pose with my pants down. So there it is. Once they were down, I’m afraid it got a bit nasty.

We were all doing everything to each other. I have sort of a hazy memory but at one point I was giving Mike head while my bf had sex with her next to us. I mean out of control!

Both boys came (ok, honesty: first, Mike inside of me, then like a minute later while mike and I watched, John in her mouth… ), but Karen and I didn’t.

Now here’s the final revenge of sorts. We all felt awkward and more or less got dressed. Everyone passed out. Really early in the a.m. I woke and hurriedly put my tshirt on. again. I was feeling the hangover already and went for water. Who should get up but Mike? He came up behind me and lifted my shirt and started playing with my breasts…well, he’d already had me, basically, so what was the harm? I turned to him and went down the hall. In the guest room we dropped on the bed and I had sex with him until I came. He put me on top. It was so intense I thought I was going to cry…the thought of having another man in me just made me wild and he was on his second time so he could wait for me… for his second orgasm in me he did it to me from behind…I felt awful and super hot at the same time.

Of course this week I had to tell John. We had sex several times thinking about our one and only group thing. Tonight (Friday) we played cards, the two of us, and his final revenge dare is that I write the story in my own words (he keeps telling me to add dirtier words but I wont), and post the pix (no face).

So that’s it.

Janie in Savannah

you can write if you like it to janesfun20 @ yahoo.com

Janie Nude in Savannah

Janie Nude in Savannah



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