Kelley: Wife's Nude Pictures

Wife's Nude Pictures

Dear Truth or Dare Pics,

Hello, I am Kelley. Me and my husband of 10 years host a game of Truth or Dare every month for about the last two years. We have always played it at our parties but we organized the monthly game with most creative players we call "The Original 6" who consist of me , and 5 males a co worker of mine , a friend, my husband, and two of my husband's friends. The only additions allowed to the game are females which are usually friends or aquantances of mine.

Most of my friends are younger mothers like myself so the naivity they bring to the game is great because before its all over they loose their inhibitions and have fun doing and saying things that are taboo for them normally. Sometimes my husband or the guys surprise me by inviting a hot number who is down and has no shame. It always works out that we have an additional female. The game is purely Discreet and takes place after the clubs shut down and only participants are allowed over. It has been a great ice breaker for when the guys are hooking up in the clubs because if she plays the guy scores most all the time if she doesn't play or passes on dares they know they got their work cut out for them and should probably get their hand warmed up because thats the only love they will be getting that evevning.

We have rules but anything goes you get to pass on 2 dares and if you dont do the third you're out. A dare that has been successfully passed can not be used again. After completing a dare you got 2 passes again. No dare can go straight to nudity an article of clothing at a time must be dared to come off so the game starts off R-rated with the guys trying to get me and the other female(s) nude and i work with the other female to center on one guy and get him nude.The game starts to get X-rated when a female and male are nude. You can only fully participate in X-rated dares if you are nude other than that you are limited to tongue, hands, and feet if you get the picture. you might wonder how we women stand a chance and our ace in the hole is combinations of gay sex. All the 5 men are 100% straight so to get them to back off i might dare male A to go down on male B but usually save those to get someone out of the game.

I enjoy the truth of the game finding out specifics of my closest friends. It turns me on that all 5 males have admitted fantasizing about me and ejaculated thinking of me. On my side i have admitted to fantasizing about having all 5 guys gangbang me bareback on a boat. Bareback is the only way i have sex no exceptions. You must submit to testing. My husband sais keep it a fantasy because he wouldnt approove not because of the gang bang but earlier in our marriage we used to use his hot friends to be the third in our mfm and it compromised every friendship so we found alternatives for our mfm and fmf. There are also 3 guys including my husband that i have admitted the truths of having masterbated and obtained orgasm from fantasizing about them. So there are strong sexual tensions that stir during the game and some get releaved by the end.

For the longest time guys have been asking me for nudes and daring me to post pics. Mostly guys i have slept with and all the guys in the truth/dare group. Me and my husband take pics and video but use it soley for our own purpose and dont share for discretionary reasons but the past two years the truth/dare guys have bothered me consistantly to email pics and my husband doesnt see a problem with them but ive been reluctant being a mother of 4 to share my pics or videos. I have offered to take nude pics with them also being nude in the photos but because a few are married and the others have relationship based girlfriends they want to be discreet and basically want sexy nudes of myself. Well i have caved to the dare from my male buddies and i have decided to post myself. I will do so every month as long you all want to see me plus i will use the postings to attract straight hot males for 1-1 and mfm. I like my men attractive, young, under 40, any size is cool but if you're long and girthy hit me up. I luv girth. I am also looking for hot females to participate with myself and my husband in fmf encounters. I want feedback so Email Kelley and let me know what you all think of my pics plus if you're interested send me a message and include a picture of yourself to milfmfm @




YOUR PENIS !!              
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