Kinky Wife: Wearing a Thong

Kinky Wife


My name is Ann and my husband is Matthew and we've recently begun exploring a kinky side of us in the bedroom. Not whips and chains kinky but just talking dirty and acting out situations. We were over at our neighbours after supper and I volunteered to help the wife with the dishes due to the fact that her husband was taking her out shopping afterwards. We were about half done when he came into the room and said he would take her place and she could go take a bath. My husband politely joined in and started drying them.

All of a sudden I felt a hand brush up against my ass and then fall away. A few minutes later The hand landed on my bum again, only this time it stayed and I saw it was NOT my husband's. My knees were weak and he rubbed my cheeks and lightly cupped them with his hand and I was getting turned on. I looked at my husband who saw this and smiled and gave me a nod. He was basically telling me to let it go although I'm certain they did not plan this.

A few minutes passed and he accomplished sliding his hand down the back of my gym pants and inside my panties touching my bare bottom. I was getting hot and before I could move, his hand slid around my hip and his fingers touched my wet pussy lips in just a matter of seconds. All I could do was drop the dish cloth and hang on to the sink with both hands as he started working my pussy. My husband smiled at us both and I saw that they probably did arrange it but at the moment I didn't care and was loving every minute. His right hand landed on my right hip as he stepped behind me and he then moved it up inside my top slipping my bra off my breasts and started fondling my breasts and rubbing my pussy. I just had to moan softly as his rough hands worked my body and he even kissed my neck and ears. His wife was in the bathroom and her husband was touching me all over. He whispered to me asking me if I liked what he was doing and I let out a yeeesssssssss as he whispered in my ear that she was just getting in the tub and she takes long baths, for me not to be scared we have plenty of time. His hip moved closer to me and I could feel his male hardness touching the crevice of my bum cheeks, I thought I was going to pass out as I felt his hands tugging at my gym pants and sliding them and my panties down to my knees as he caught a look at my bum, he rubbed both my bum cheeks and it felt so good. I came right there and let out a small yelp. Then I remembered - now that I was thinking clearly again - that his wife was in the bath and that meant I was being dishonest to her. I stopped everything quickly and pulled my pants up. The men both came to me asking what was wrong and I told them I wasn't comfortable about this. They told me she knew and I just about fell down. Was everyone in on this but me? She came out of the bathroom and smiled. She NEVER took the bath but was just waiting in the other room. They told us that Matthew had set this up with them and that they thought it sounded great. They had tried something similar once and really enjoyed it. Well, it was a lot to take in. We stayed longer and had drinks and I told them that we 'may' try something like it again. That night Matthew and I made love and relived what had happened.

In the pictures you'll see my socks say 'slut'. Now just so you al know Matthew bought them for me so we could role-play and I would NEVER get turned on if a man called me that. So when you send feedback I don't want to ... well ... it's probably best if I don't leave my address ... for now. We'll see for nex time.


Kinky Wife

Kinky Wife



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