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Hi Webmaster,

Now I hope you dont laugh too hard at this one. But I love role playing and I do possess several outfits that I have collected over the years. The pictures you see are of me in a French Maid's outfit being sexy. That's most people's favorite and the one I usually wear to theme parties. The one I have never done was playing a nun. I would love to get dressed as a nun, wearing the habit and all. But only under my habit and garb I would be wearing a pair of black fishnet stockings, a red garter belt and a pair of red crotchless panties, thong style.

I would then love to go to a popular night spot or sports bar - something where a lot of horny men may hang out. I want to sit at the bar and order myself a few gin and tonics and begin to chat them up. As the evening progresses I would love to be more and more flirtatious. Lifting up my habit slightly so they could see my sexy stockings. I continue to reveal some of myself and we get on the topic of sex.

At that point , I tell them that I am pure and a virgin but I want to have my very first fuck and my very first cock. They would be so worked up at this point with the idea of fucking a sexy nun. I would then love to fuck them right there at the bar. In the washrooms or somewhere in the back. Maybe even in their car. If there is just one of them thats cool, but if there is a group of them thats all the better.


Sexy Maid Outfit

Sexy Maid Outfit

Sexy Maid Outfit

Sexy Maid Outfit

Sexy Maid Outfit

Sexy Maid Outfit

Sexy Maid Outfit



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