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My husband has always been a fan of your site and over time, we have shared many "daring" experiences. Although we are really turned on by the idea of letting other people observe our sexual exploits, we have never fully engaged in that fantasy nor pursued the opportunity to invite other participants into the bedroom with us. The interest has always been there, but there was hesitation for a variety of reasons.

This weekend we planned a trip out of town and were looking for things to do after hours. My husband surprised me by placing an advertisement looking for another couple to have some fun with. Although we got several responses, the other prospective couple chickened out on us. In some ways it was a bit of a relief to not have to worry about complicating our weekend.

After discovering a fabulous mexican restaurant and having dinner with a few drinks, we struck up a conversation with our waiter to get suggestions for things to do around town. He offered us some ideas of local bars and continued to be very attentive to us throughout our evening. The next night we decided to return to the restaurant for dinner and requested our same server. We mentioned going to the bar he suggested the night before and asked him join us for drinks after his shift. Needless to say, I was already feeling rather tipsy and was very taken by our new friends attentive behavior. We all played pool together and conversed with other bar patrons, including a very drunk blonde who proceeded to show me her breasts in the bathroom and we kissed several times during the evening.

All night long, I was drawn back and forth between my husband and our new found waiter friend, flirting and being affectionate. My husband continued to encourage my friendly behavior. During the course of the night, our friend admitted that he had been disappointed to discover that my husband and I were together when he first met us at the restaurant. I mentioned that it might not matter. I looked at my husband and got a reassuring nod. I was asked what I wanted and replied that I wanted him to kiss me, which he immediately obliged. That was the first time I have intimately touched another human since being with my husband and I was surprised by my excitement at knowing my husband was a few feet away watching the whole experience.

After the bar closed, our friend invited us to his apartment for some beers. When we got settled on the couch, he excused himself to take a shower as we talked and drank. He returned in a towel to find me straddling my husband and kissing him. As he entered the room, I removed my shirt, gave my husband another kiss and walked over to where he stood dripping on the floor. Kissing me firmly, he slid my pants down and found his way into my lacy thong with his fingers. I couldn't stop the amazing sensations that washed over me knowing my husband was rock hard watching us. I was asked to come to the bedroom, but I insisted that I didn't go anywhere that my husband could not participate. We all three went to the bedroom where I proceeded to ride my husband's cock and suck our new friend's prick at the same time.

This was my first experience with multiple partners. Although it was amazing, I don't know where the future leads or how involved we will become in sharing our romantic experiences with other partners. We are not closing the door on this possibility, but are content in knowing we have one more experience that we shared together.

Pleae post my e-mail to receive comments and thoughts on the story and the pic, which was taken at the hotel following the first trip to the mexican restaurant. - Missy

just4funinalabama @ gmail.com

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