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Your Actual Real Fantasy? --> A sexual fantasy of mine would be to be at a party at my sister's house with her husband away on business. We would start the evening innocently enough with a few drinks and me helping out in the kitchen (I'm something of a gourmet). Her friend, "M", would be over as well during this party. Later, into the night, the three of us (everyone else has gone home) would sit down and just begin talking for awhile, then I would suggest playing a game - specifically, one that is for swinging groups - you know the kind, the ones that have drinking, touching, petting, and things like "Kiss anyone's anything" cards? Well, we would wind up having a wonderful orgy, my sister, her friend, and I. Pictures, videos, fond memories. That is my fantasy - to fuck, suck, and fondle my sister and her friend, "M".


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