Outdoor Shower

Wife Naked Outdoor Shower

Hi Webmaster,

We are a couple and we just found your wonderful website. We wish we knew about it awhile back but hey, better late than never. Now we are catching up on the zillions of dares that are posted. My wife and I love dares and public nudity and sex and have pictures from our trip to the island of St- Martin back in April 2005. As you can see there is a shower outside each villa which people generally use to wash the sand off their body after returning from the beach. Normally they kept their suits on but we saw one woman who was topless and right then I dared my wife to do the same but fully nude. She liked the idea and so when we got back she stripped off her bikini and started showering slowly. It was such a turn on. people who passed by either pretended not to know or smiled. I was hard and her wet in more ways than one. She did it the next day as well and then it was time for us to go home. It was one of our firsts and made us thirst for more. - Thomas/Kali

Outdoor Shower



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