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Up the Butt? --> Well, despite having reservations about having anything up my butt, as long as the object is slender and then, i can handle it, despite having other problems. Recently My wife & friends had a rather good twist to a strip poker game. We have always had sex games via cards, but this time we started doing a bit more.. In this game, we had my wife, friend & wife, and another guy, who was a new friend of the family. We had the usual stuff going on, but at one point, we added 'unknown' to the mix (ie; the loser would not know what to expect. We still had our exceptions, which for me included 'but action' but that was intended for big stuff (cocks or objects), as my wife understood what the limits needed to be. During the game I found that the new friend was slender & thin (body & parts), and as I already knew my friend was slender. I didnt have any qualms about last night. Usually I am doing better than everybody, but last night, it was a bit tricky. I ended up losing the game, and before I even acknowledged it, my wife put a blindfold on me, and said to go with it. Blindfolded, everybody then tied me to our posts (we have a outdoor porch with screens & posts inside the structure. Basically wide open, I didnt know what to expect, as I normally dont care for dominant/submisive games. However, wife said I would stay there until all persons present were spent, (excluding myself). That naturally meant girsl & guys both. I pretty much assumed a blowjob or two, but didnt quite expect everything else. Except for my wife, I am not sure who gave me blowjobs. But I do know that nobody strapped on a dildo, as I ended up getting fucked in the ass (I am sure it was our new friend as I had previously given him a bj during the cardgame and he was the longest I have ever seen. Due to his length, we all ended up doing a bj session on him. Anyway, I know that both girls rode me, but wonder how they were holding on (probably held up by the other guys). There was one point, where our new friend was in my ass, and I believe my friends wife was riding me as she is the only girl that is exactly the right fit for us to fuck&makeout with no extra effort. I get even more turned on when we get together, and really get into kissing, but she had the control and was also licking me all over. Our new friend is definately into all forms of stuff, and is bisexual, in that he will do guys & girls, but prefers girls for relationships. Being fucked in the ass, did get me extra hard more than once, and I ended up coming more than ever. I do consider myself bisexual and always have, though I would chose girls over guys when given the choice.



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