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Hi, Truth or Dare pics!

My husband and I read the dares on this site almost every day. We enjoy reading about what other people do & enjoy doing. We like knowing that there are other people out there who like to partake in these kinds of things as well. On that note, I'm going to tell you the story of the picture.

My husband really loves the way I look in mini skirts & always tries to get me to wear them. I'm not a huge fan of them...as skirts are uncomfortable for me usually. Plus, I'm always worrying about the skirt being too high up in the back and everyone being able to see my butt. Well, every so often I put on a mini skirt for him and we go out somewhere. I just love seeing the look on his face when I actually wear a mini skirt out!!

On this particular occasion he dared me to wear the mini skirt out without any panties on and he would take a picture at an opportune moment. I agreed and we went to the mall to shop and walk around. He was so excited the whole time & seeing him that way got me excited as well. We walked around a lot that evening and I even tried on some shoes with my legs spread out just so he could see the good stuff! It was a lot of fun....I actually enjoyed myself & was surprised to find that I wasn't that worried about the mini skirt being too short in the back. The picture we chose is of me sitting in the food court with my legs spread for the camera.

Hope you enjoyed our little story. This was our first time posting, but it's really a lot of fun. Look for more stories from us!

A & J - punkins_aff @ yahoo.com

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