My Risky Dare

Nude Girl

Hi Y'All,

Last summer I was recently single and went away for a few days for some alone time and vacation wind down. I went to the Keys and just relaxed by the water most of the day. For dinners I decided to eat at a sports bar across from my hotel that had great comfort food. The third night I kept noticing a guy staring at me from across the bar. I go back to eating and the next thing you know he's beside me. He was nice enough and cute and he starts chatting me up telling me about his wife ??? I thought it was weird but then continued talking and chatting.

Then he spills it. He asks if I would like to joing them for a drink. Well since she wasn't anywhere to be seen I had my doubts and told him so. So he calls her on the cell and gets me to talk to her and she says her hubby thinks I'm cute and she wants to play with me too!!!

I told her I still wasn't sure and she then said she understood and to look out the window at the hotel. I did and she was on her balcony waving. Then it clicked. I had seen them a few times at the hotel and they always gave me a nice smile when we passed each other or were at the pool. Now I know why and was beginning to understand.

Well, I told her she could join us here first and she did. We talked and drank for hours until closing and I really liked them. They were a sweet couple. When we paid the bill they invited me to their room and so I followed. Well after a few drinks the wife comes over to me and kneels in front of me and proceeds to unzip my pants. Whoa ... this was going fast but I was liking it. She is soon wrapping her hands around my naked lower half and buries her face in my crotch while her hubby begins to undress.

The three of us end up in bed, the wife on my face, her hubby eating me out. He then moves behind me and starts fucking me while his wife opens her legs and I end up licking her pussy and her loving it. We played for hours and had a great time. In the morning, they paid for breakfast and his wife gave me a great big kiss before I left. Thank you S & D for a great time!

And thank you webmaster for your patience with the picture. I hope this one isn't too blurred. - Claudia



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