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Sex in Public

Sex in Public Pics Confession:

Your Actual Real Fantasy? --> On a school holiday I found a large cupboard immediately over the bathroom with a crack in the floor. For several days I watched all the girls bathing. Far Out!!

Finally lovely Jill caught me. She slapped my face so much that later I had to pretend I had fallen out of a tree. She took me down to the bathroom where Ann has just got dressed and I had to tell her I had been watching her. Ann was mortified and wanted to report me at once to Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown was not a nice man ... none of us liked him. I pleaded with them and finally they agreed to keep quiet and punish me themselves.

The next day we sneaked out to a nearby wood. They made me do a sexy strip tease, I was very embarrassed and clumsy and they make me start all over again. Then they produced a thick cane and tied me securely to a tree. They had spent the previous evening practicing as though they were playing golf and it hurt like hell. I had to say sorry a hundred times and beg them to hit me harder. Near the end I burst into tears and was very relieved when it was over. Then Jill asked sweetly:

"Who else did you see bathing?"

"No one else"


By that time I admitted I had seen them all several times my entire bottom was on fire and I was begging them to stop. After the holiday we met once a week for five weeks. Each week the gathering got one bigger as another girl was invited and sworn to secrecy, not knowing what it was about - until I told her and begged for punishment.

Karen's beating was the worst. Then Grace made me swear at Mr. Brown, which was great fun - but nearly as painful. The other girls were not as painful, but they found ways of embarrassing me and I did lot lots of chores.

Rachel was last and she found it so funny that she refused to hit me. She took me out in the street and I had to tell everyone we passed how beautiful her body was. She made me go round to each of the girls one at a time and tell them in great detail exactly what it had felt like to watch them naked and to tell them all my fantasies about them. I agreed to hold nothing back. I got slapped a few times, but on the whole they loved it.

Finally I told Jill that I had seen her masturbate to a picture of Mr. Brown. The others laughed their heads off and the poor girl went bright red and burst into tears. And then I was holding Jill tight and she went soft in my arms. All the girls all told her they still loved her and after a bit her tears passed. And then all Hell broke lose, they all stripped and the next few hours were beyond belief. They actually fought for possession of me a couple of times.

And they doubled my punishment. But the next 5 weeks were very different!





Everyone's welcome to watch or join in ... dare games going on round the clock 24/7.


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