Shy Girlfriend: Half Naked

Half Naked Girlfriend

Hi Webmaster,

My girlfriend and I have a deal. She;s always wanted me to write her a long heartfelt love letter (sexy one that is) which is something I hate doing. I hate writing for the life of me but she told me that if I did I could ask for something in return within reason. So before protesting I thought about it and finally came up with her submitting pictures online as it would turn me on knowing she was exposed to so many. She was shy about it but agreed after much talk. So I wrote her the letter first and sent it by email the next day. Then it was her turn and it took a few shots before she finally exposed herself but she did do it and held up her end of the bargain. I think the pics are sexy as hell because she rarely does this. So I attached them and also attatched a word document with the story if you'd like to post it too. - N & L

Dearest "L",

When I first saw you I saw a beautiful woman. That woman never left my mind. I asked that woman out and was lucky enough for her to have said yes. The site if her everyday in my bed was intoxicating.

As I shower my body in warm water, my mind drifts knowing she is waiting for me in the bedroom. I begin to imagine in vivid details all the pleasures to come, her soft skin, her silky lips partly opened letting go of soft moans as my hand feels her wanting body.

By now anticipation has taken control of me, and my thoughts long for the touch of her burning passion.

I enter the bedroom; she sits on the edge of the bed, wearing a soft silky night gown.

I sit behind her and straddle my legs around her, she responds by running her soft hands down my naked legs. I put my lips on her neck and passionately kiss her as my hands undo her buttons, softly teasing her aroused nipples. Her head tilts to the side as I softly run my lips onto her shoulders, the gown comes off and our skin touches on a long awaited embrace. I whisper sensually, how I long to taste her sweets juices, how much I want to loose myself on her beauty.

I gently run my fingers down caressing her beautiful hard midsection, one hand caresses her breasts while the other teases her lips, feathering touches that tease, she groans in anticipation. My finger pulls her lips apart as it moves towards her swollen clitoris, warm juices now pour out of her womanhood, I gently rub her clit and she arches back and lets out a groan more loudly now. I pick her up by the waist and place her in the bed. My hands continue to tease her skin raising pleasure bumps and causing soft spasms as I continue to explore her. I run my warm wet tongue up her thigh, deviating from her lips just at the last moment, as my hands find comfort on teasing her erect nipples. At last, I my tongue reaches her lips parting them as it moves upwards, she groans loudly now I softly work her clit while my finger finds refuge in her vagina, she begins to move rhythmically up and down while her hand rests on my head, her rhythm increases in speed as she pulls my head closer to her wanting lips, she grinds herself frantically and lets out a even louder groan as her thighs press firmly against the sides of my head….

I put a hand on the small of her back and gently raise her mid section, my throbbing penis finds its way inside her, as we move in unison deeply connected now, we both moan we loose ourselves in a frantic march towards ecstasy, she comes once more throwing her head back into the soft pillow as I let off a loud groan we both smile and embrace tightly, still joined as one.

I roll over careful to maintain our embrace, and take her to my armless chair, my penis still throbbing deep inside her, we sit facing each other still joined and began kiss passionately as our bodies grind together. At that point time has stopped, we just enjoy ourselves, smiling, touching……mmmmm

Shy Girlfriend

Shy Girlfriend

Shy Girlfriend

Shy Girlfriend

Shy Girlfriend

Shy Girlfriend


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