Squirting Wife: Nude

Squirting Wife

Hi Webmaster,

Our sex life has recently (past 6 months or so) gotten more intense. We have been working at it and it is certainly paying off. We read alot of erotic stories and found your site that way. Then we try out some of the scenarios and see if we like them. One was about giving each other long and slow oral. So I went down on her for like a half an hour, just playing teasing, I used my fingers on her, inside and out. So then she get's on top and as we're going she starts to cum. But her eyes get real wide and I ask what was wrong she said she felt like she was going to pee. I told her she's nuts and just keep grinding. Sure enough as she came, she leaked all over the bed. It was far from gross though it took me like two seconds to get off from that point. I soon read that it is near impossible for a women to pee while being stimulated to orgasm and that since I was using my fingers in her I must have inflamed her g-spot, which causes fluid to build up in the eurethra (don't know if I spelled that right?) and it's not pee, but just clear liquid cum released from the eurethra. So everytime she wants an extra long session of oral loving I try to get her to squirt again. When she does she get's all embarassed, but hey I made my women squirt!!! See ya later guys and enjoy her lovely pictures! She can't wait to see them posted. - Gerry & his squirting Wife

Squirting Wife



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