My Swinger Wife: Perfect Tits

My Swinger Wife Perfect Tits

Hi truth or dare pics,

My wife and I just started looking into swinging clubs and parties in our area. We talked about it for some time and felt we were ready for a nice easy transition into the lifestyle. At our first party last weekend we intended to meet people and maybe flirt and kiss them for our first time. But it didn't quite end up that way. We dove in head first and were initiated so to speak.

The swingers party was held in a private residence - for those that dont know people do this often. At the end of the nigt they played a game they called "spin the slut". The host had a special suspended chair that was leather with ankle restraints and wrist restraints. They told us it was tradition that first timers get to go first but only if they feel ready. To my surprise my wife raised her hand. I looked at her and mouthed "are you sure?" and she just giggled and walked over to the waiting and smiling host.

She was put in the chair and then blindfolded. The ankle restraints are very high up so that she was almost at a 90 degree angle with her legs spread. Then, anyone that wanted to join in just stands in the circle around the chair. One person has 60 seconds on her. Eat her out, analyze her, masturbate her, fuck her, what ever they want, man or woman. Then when the bell chimes, she is gently spun and where she stops, that person gets 60 seconds to do whatever they want. She has no power to object. She doesn't know what or who is doing what or how. Her turn lasted about 15 minutes which doesn't sound like much but imagine 15 people mostly eating her and fingering her with 2 different men fucking her and you can imagine it is quite something. I was in awe of her. She came a few times and when she did everyone in the circle put thier hands on her body for the orgasm. Cool.

She told me that the best part was the sensory deprivation, being blindfolded, and the "sense of not knowing who was doing what.

That was our first time! Sorry we don't have pictures but they don't allow cameras at those parties for obvious reasons so I have 2 pictures of my wife trying on her new outfit for our upcomming party at the end of March. - Janice & Glen

My Swinger Wife



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