My Wet Wife: Her Dripping Pussy

My Wet Wife Her Dripping Pussy


This was a great dare on my wife's part and I thought it was very exciting so we decided to share. My wife and I are not that wild (until recently), but we still like to have fun. A couple weeks ago, some friends of ours invited us to go to a local stip club they go to. Now I've been to clubs before but my wife has never been to one.

We decided to go, but she was very nervous. She didn't know what to expect.

Well we got there and noticed the club was very tasteful and quite nice (lady owned). My wife relaxed and started to enjoy the shows and stuff. Then one very nice looking dancer came up to us and asked if we wanted a dance. My wife told me to go and I asked the dancer if it was ok if she came back and watched. She said "sure". On the way back, I told her to go ahead and give my wife one too. She said she could either do us together or seperate. My wife told her to do me first so she could watch. She was quite good at what she did. It was a very nice lapdance.

Then it was my wife's turn. She was very nervous at first, but the slow, sensual touch of the dancer quickly had my wife letting go. She got so into it, enjoying every minute of it. I got so excited watching too. When we got back to our table, I reached down between my wife's legs and she was sooo wet from the excitement. She was wearing a skirt with no panties so I could feel well. I couldn't believe how excited this woman got my wife. After sitting there talking and playing a little, we were so turned on that we decided to head home.

We walked to the truck and I opened the door for her. As I was going to help her get in, I lost control and reached around and started playing with her right there. She pulled away and I said, "cmon, I dare you". She smiled and, influenced by her dance said ok. We were parked in the front row and cars were driving by as I played with my wife in the parking lot on the outside of the truck. I made her cum twice before she couldn't take it any more and undid my pants and I proceeded to have sex with her right there pressed against the front seat. Dome light on and everything.

The moment I came, I heard a car door shut right behind our truck. I was like "SHIT"! I was freaking out. Someone watched the whole thing. I could see out the corner of my eye, a guy just standing there. I pulled out and walked around the front of our truck, and as I did, he moved to that side of the truck. I got in without making eye contact and started the truck. He proceeded into the club. My wife and I about died. We were laughing so hard and couldn't believe what we just did. It was so spontanious and exciting. Our first real dare! We drove home and did it again. This time she was even wetter! It was a night to be remembered and I think we are hooked on the strip club now. The pictures we sent are of her remembering while rubbing. She still gets that wet thinking about it. - A&C

My Wet Wife

My Wet Wife

My Wet Wife

My Wet Wife


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