Wife on Vacation: Horny

Horny Wife on Vacation

Hi Webmaster,

Ever since my wife and I came back from vacation she has been a changed woman. I couldn't believe she was the same woman I married when we were down there. It was like being there with another woman, a mistress perhaps. We had sex everday and she went topless at times. She even flashed for me (see the pictures) in the pool and in the restaurant which is something she has never done before. We talked about fantasies and had a major sex 'boost'.

Our sex life has just taken off since we got back and it continues to get stronger. I can't believe my wonderful wife and what she just did for me in the middle of a big tax job I have. Yes I am a tax accountant. I admit it. Keep the laughter to a dull roar please.

While talking fantasies on the trip one of the things she suggested is that we watch another couple have sex and then they do the same for us. Shocking to say the least but that is another whole story. So we met this couple online about two weeks ago. We have not yet met them but have talked with them on the phone, over IM and email extensively. We are meeting them next weekend for the first time. Well it will be the first time for my wife and the husband that night, because my wife just gave me the hottest suprise I could have asked for.

The other couple and my lovely wife, planned a suprise of the other wife stopping into my office this evening and well she did! What an evening it was. I am still a little shaky with after effects. But damn what a stress reliver that was! Basically she gave me a BJ while my wife watched. I never thought my lovely wife and I could do something like this, but she helped plan it with the other couple and she loved it as much as I did.

This isn't for everyone I am sure, and I am not sure when I will be ready to let Mrs attempt it herself, but what a wonderful gift she gave me.

We are just glowing and had to share it with someone! - Mr & Mrs VC

Wife on Vacation

Wife on Vacation

Wife on Vacation




Every evening laptops get turned on and the naughty chatting begins. Girls are dared to flash and couples put on shows ...


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