Wife's Behind: Her Hot Ass

Wife's Behind - Her Hot Ass

Hi Webmaster,

This is my first dare but I have been reading for over a month now. My husband took these pictures and wanted to know if it was ok for your site. If so please reply and ... ***From Webmaster: I replied and here is the rest of her emails: When I was around twenty years old, I got married and moved into an apartment complex in Austin, Texas, above the Barton Creek Pool. Barton Creek was several miles long and would swell with water during the winter and spring rainy season but dry up during the summer. Except for the pool area, which was a natural spring that was dammed up at both ends and a favorite swimming, spot the year round.

In the summer I would hike along the dry creek bed, thick with vegetation along its banks. Most of the time I would take my clothes off and hike naked for miles. Along the path I would find a pool of water that had not dried up and take a skinny dip. The feeling of freedom was incredible. Occasionally, I would find other naked bathers and join them in the water. However, I was often far too shy if there were only males in the group.

The bottom floor apartments (of which we had one), had a little fenced off yard with a garden area off the patio in the back. The fence stood about two feet tall, just a separator between yards. There was a girl that lived next door, she was around twenty-eight or so and she would go out in the morning, before work and putter in her garden. My husband worked in a bakery from 2:30 in the morning until around Noon so he was at work. I used to watch the neighbor as she sipped her morning coffee, read the paper on the back patio while still in her pajamas.

As the weather warmed, I started going out to our garden and tending to the plants in the nude. I would pretend that I didnít know my neighbor was out and at first she would dart back into her apartment in embarrassment. One day, I ventured out but she did not run. Instead, I turned around and she said hello. That morning we talked for about five minutes, me totally naked and her in her pajamas. We talked quite often after that, her still dressed and me naked, but it was if it did not matterÖ she never asked me about my nakedness. My husband and I then moved across town toward the end of summer but I will never forget those mornings tending the garden above Barton Creek. It started my nakedness streak in me. I never told my husband because I was too afraid of what he would think but now that I am 33 I know that he would have been turned on. So I told him recently and he was floored! It led to a lot of different discussions and to us submitting our first dare. I'd prefer my email not be shown and for the readers to know me as "Amanda" . It's the name my husband uses while we're in bed since Amanda was the name of the first stripper he ever saw and we play with that fantasy from time to time. - Amanda

Wife's Behind



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