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We recently discovered your site and found it very interesting, to say the least. We were so turned on by some of the dares and the stories that we have taken to getting down and dirty in front of our glass front door or window, with the lights on and the curtains open wide for all to see.

This in itself is a big turn on, as our neighbours live directly across the street and have a clear view of our home. But we wanted to try something more public and planned to go away for a weekend to a nice hotel in Columbus, Ohio, where we could be more overt in our new found hobby. And so, on Friday afternoon we drove the 5 hours to Columbus and checked into our hotel. After we got settled we quickly dressed, my wife in a cream silky blouse, just sheer enough to see her sexy black bra through, a mid thigh, figure-hugging skirt over stay-up stockings and a pair of black suede boots that came just above the knee.

She looked so sexy as we headed to the lobby to wait for a taxi we had booked to take us to a trendy bar/restaurant we figured would be a good place to do some serious flashing and maybe more if the opportunity arose. It was already fairly full when we got there and had no choice but to sit at the bar. Unfortunately that meant Amy's skirt rode up as she climbed onto the barstool, exposing her stocking tops to several of the other patrons present, especially those sitting at the lower tables. As we ordered drinks and sat looking in the mirror that ran the full length of the bar, we could see several pairs of eyes looking her up and down, including group of twenty-somethings who were standing just off to our left who seemed particularly interested.

After I pointed this out to my wife, she decided it was a good time to visit the restroom, which just happened to take her by that same group who were blocking her path. Hitching her skirt up a little more, she slowly swung her left leg to the side, giving those boys the best view of her red panties, before swinging her right to follow and headed straight through the group. I watched them in the mirror as their heads all turned to watch her. Soon enough she was on her way back and again she was watched every step of the way, only this time she stopped in the middle of the group, turned to one of the guys and handed him something I couldn't see, before making her way back to her stool at the bar.

When she started to climb up on the seat again, that whole group, maybe eight all told, were staring intently at her as she swung her legs slowly onto her chair. She had their total attention! When she sat down I asked her what had just happened and she just hitched her skirt a little, grabbed my hand and placed it on her now naked pussy!

Turns out she had just handed her panties to the guy in the group she was talking to and told him to keep looking. I was so turned on just knowing that my usually shy wife was flirting outrageously and flashing her bald pussy to those boys. By the time we were finished eating we were so turned on, my wife was absolutely sopping wet and didn't hesitate to show me several times before we finally got up to leave. Of course we had to use the restrooms again before we left and it turned out that while I was gone Amy acquired some phone numbers from that same group of guys and, strangely, from the guy next to us at the bar who was there with his wife.

Outside, there was a staff member to hail a taxi for us and we didn't have to wait too long before we were in the back seat and my wife had her skirt up over her waist, with her legs open and was slowly playing with her pussy so that the taxi driver(hi Greg) could clearly see what she was doing. After a short ride we were back at the hotel, in our room and going at each other like there was no tomorrow. We took some pics to give you guys a little peek into Amy's outfit.

If you like these pics and want to hear what happened on day 2 of our weekend away send your thoughts and comments, pics or suggestions to us at:

martamyb @

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