Big Boobs

Big Boobs

This is one of my biggest turn ons. I love to hear my Betty talk about her past sexual experiences. They are not wild---no gangbangs, no lesbian experiments---but because she is what one would call a prim, conservative "good girl," they are very exciting to me.

First, you have to picture Betty (or you can look at the hot picture of her sent). She is petite, brown hair, brown eyes, and she has nice firm tits (34D) that have always attracted attention from men. She would never share her previous sexual history with me...until about 1 year ago (we have been dating 2 years).

One episode stands out. Betty and I had been dating in college but I left town after graduating (I was a year ahead of her) and we tried to maintain a long-distance relationship. During this time, she and Peter--one of my best college buddies--spent a lot of time together. She would write to me about how she and Peter would do various things together--go to see movies, go to dinner--all very platonic.

Now, Peter and I used to talk about Betty before she and I started dating; he used to call her "big tits" behind her back. I always thought that Peter lusted after Betty.

Anyway, Peter and Betty had dinner together one evening and ended up in Peter's apartment. Because it was late, Peter asked Betty if she wanted to stay over and sleep on the couch. After saying polite good-nights, Peter gave Betty a quick kiss on the lips. Then another, longer kiss. Betty told me that she tried to resist but after a long drought (we had been apart for three months), she said she couldn't help but feel a tingle of lust.

They ended up kissing and making out for a long time. The thought of Betty trying to control herself, but eventually succumbing to Peter's advances still makes me hard. Peter eventually started caressing Betty's breasts under her shirt and over her bra, probably holding himself back while trying to guess how far Betty would go. All guessing stopped when Betty started to unclasp her bra and take off her shirt.

Betty told me that Peter then threw all caution to the wind, eagerly licking and nibbling on the breasts over which he had no doubt long fantasized. After a long time helping himself to my then-girlfriend's boobs (Betty said he spent a long time on her sizable breasts), Peter then started caressing Betty's ass and pussy over her pants.

Unable to contain herself, Betty tentatively reached into Peter's pants and started fondling his cock. Finally, Betty pulled out my buddy's cock and pulled down his pants. Something must have still been holding Betty back that evening. She did not fuck him nor did she suck him (that was to come later). But she gave him a handjob to finish him off. She said that he came almost immediately.

I can picture the two of them: Peter--who had long wanted even a glimpse of Betty's large tits--and Betty, the conservative girl who was overcome with lust, as Peter's sperm spewed all over her. - Betty's Man



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