Flashing her Boobs


I have a kinky side and love boobs. Please give me feed back on my boobies. i love to see other boobs and i have discovered i love having my boobs seen.

I was at a party a few weeks ago and did somthing pretty embarassing. Before the party i was trying to get caught up on homework and my bf came in and told me that we were late. i just lost track of time. so intead of changing clothes i just went in what i was wearing. a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. no bra. Just the shirt. well, i got pretty comfortable at the party after a few drinks and started to get into the groove of things. some of the girls started to flash their bras for the guys but didnt go any further. drunk and wanting some of the atention i proudly stood up and pulled my shirt up to my neck and started jumping up and down. i probably had my shirt up for a good 30 seconds before i remembered i had no bra on. i was SO embarassed after that. to make things worse my plan worked and the guys (and girls) turned their attention to me. they kept wanting me to flash them again and saying that there was no harm in it, they had already seen them. one of the girls agreed to do it if i did so we both pulld our boobs out a few times before the end of the party. before we left they said that i should let them take a picture or two and i said "Sure, why not." well here they are. i might post some more pics in the future depending on what kind of feed back i get.

Oh, and if you are wondering, they fill up a C pretty good. i should wear a D but i like alot of cleavage and a C lets me overflow quite a bit.

johnsorcan @



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