Camping Sex Story

Camping Sex Story

I went tent camping with my girlfriend at Ft. Fisher NC. The showers are seperate M/F well no one ever shut the doors to the bath house due to the heat. I was in the shower that was barely covered by a used up motel curtain. pull it one way or the other you still had a foot gap to the wall. As I was soaping up the man goods I heard a woman talking to the guy using the shower next to mine. I looked out of the stall and saw her in the mirror, she could see into my stall very easily and we had eye contact and exchanged smiles. so I stood there in full view of this woman getting harder by the second. She mouthed to me "stroke it" and I came almost instantly. She held up the #16 which was their tent site and walked away. I told my girlfriend what happened and at first she got jealous that another woman saw me naked like that. But later in the tent she started asking me more and more details and I could see she was turned on by this. Not missing an opportunity I told her all about it as I stroked her lips and when I say she was wet I mean 'soaking'!!! We talked about it the whole week we got back and have hd grea sex everyday. I suggested we re-enact it here at home and so now we take turns spying on each other in the shower and masterbating for each other. I'm sure most of your readers would rather see my g/f rather than me so here she is. - Simon



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